About Organic Chemistry Data Collection

"[This] is a collection of Web pages containing information useful to teachers, researchers, and students in organic chemistry, biochemistry, and medicinal chemistry. The pages have been selected for ease of use, broad applicability, and quality of coverage. Topics will include structural information, organic reactions, nomenclature, physical properties, and spectroscopic data. These Web pages will be updated when possible and additional Web pages will be added as they become available."

The idea and majority of the content of the Organic Chemistry Data website has come from the late Professor Hans J. Reich who served his entire professional academic career at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Upon his untimely death in 2020, the ACS Organic Division offered to assist in maintaining Professor Reich's extensive online resources. This website is a product of those efforts.

We are grateful to the University of Wisconsin-Madison (especially the Chemistry department) for their support in this project. We also graciously thank his wife, Dr. Ieva L. Reich, and her family for supporting this project where we are able to honor Professor Hans Reich’s 25+ years of website efforts in support the broader organic chemistry community.

The vast majority of work on setting up this website and converting the content of Prof. Reich's websites into this form where the content is available in a responsive manner (viewable/useable on phones as well as desktop computers) was accomplished through the immense volunteer efforts of Organic Division Assistant Webmaster Khoi Van (Ph.D., Organic Chemistry with Professor Daniel Romo) with initial oversight, support, and direction from Organic Division Webmaster Brian Myers (Ph.D., Organic Chemistry with Professor David R. Williams) and Organic Division Head Webmaster Joseph Ward (Ph.D., Organic Chemistry with Professor Robert Maleczka).

We hope that the data and information resources provided on this website and the links to resources off of this website provide Organic Chemists quick access to high quality information to facilitate their efforts in the laboratory and classroom settings. Where possible, references to primary literature are provided for information on this site. Links to resources off of this website are meant to assist individuals in finding high quality information; they are not an endorsement of any product, service, or website.

This website is overseen by a Board of Advisors.

We encourage others who have collected data useful to organic chemists or who regularly use web sites that provide such data to contribute their information to this collection. If you have material to contribute, please complete this form and our team will respond usually within 2 business days.