Reaction Info

Info on reactions (inc. named items), electron pushing, acid/base catalysis, natural pdt. syntheses

Chemical Data

Info on pKa values, nucleophile/electrophiles, A-values, solvents, physical constants, etc.

Spectroscopy Resources

Info on: NMR (1H, 13C, 19F 31P, 11B, 77Se), IR, UV, MS spectroscopy and links to spectra databases

Organic Compound Info

Info on naming organic compounds, functional groups, assigning R/S. and organic compound types

Safety Resources

Links to useful resources for safe operations of organic chemistry laboratories

Chemical Societies and Portals

Links to chemical societies especially those that have a focus on or related to organic chemistry

Literature Sources

Links to literature resources (i.e. lists of journals with an organic chemistry focus)

Laboratory Techniques

Links to resources for doing various general laboratory procedures in organic chemistry labs

Useful Software

Links to software applications that are likely useful for a broad selection of organic chemists

Resources for Educators and Students

Links and resources for educators and students in teaching and learning organic chemistry

Organic Chemistry Videos

Links to collections and individual (significant/historical) videos about organic chemistry-often lectures

Other Sites and Resources

Links on topics related to organic chemistry that do not fit in the other categories on this page