NMR Spectroscopy

This is Prof. Hans Reich's collection of various topics on NMR. Most of this content originated from his Chem 605 Course at the University of Wisconsin - Madison


A. Introduction - the electromagnetic spectrum 

B. Basic 1H NMR 
  1. Chemical Shift 
  2. Integration 
  3. J-coupling - first order multiplets 

C. Combining NMR with other spectroscopic methods to solve structure problems - IR, UV, MS. 

D. Carbon-13 NMR 
  1. Basic multinuclear NMR - sensitivity, spins, natural abundance 
  2. Spectral simplification - decoupling 
  3. Attached proton test - APT, DEPT, etc. 
  4. The pulsed NMR experiment: FT, FID, simple pulse sequences. 
  5. C-13 chemical shifts 
    a) Substituent effects - parameters, chemical shift calculations 
    b) γ-Effect - stereochemical assignment 
    c) Individual functional groups - rings, sp, sp2, sp3 carbons 

E. Proton-Proton J-Coupling 
  1. Dipolar and scalar coupling 
  2. Nomenclature for coupled spin systems - magnetic equivalence 
  3. Coupled two-spin systems: AX and AB patterns 
  4. Analyzable three spin systems: AX2, AB2, AMX, ABX systems. Second order effects and "virtual coupling" 
  5. More complicated patterns: ABXY, ABX3, AA'BB', ABC 
  6. Interpretation of J-coupling constants 
    a) Two bond (gem) coupling, MO theory of coupling 
    b) Three bond (vicinal) coupling - Karplus curves 
    c) Long range coupling (W-coupling) 

F. Proton Chemical Shifts 
  1. Electronegativity 
  2. Steric compression 
  3. Magnetic anisotropy 
  4. Shift reagents and solvent induced shifts 

G. Coupling Constants involving carbon 
  1. One bond C-H coupling-hybridization 
  2. Two bond C-H coupling 
  3. Three bond C-H coupling 
  4. C-C couplings. Applications 

H. 2D NMR 
  1. The spin-echo experiment, multi-pulse NMR 
  2. Homonuclear correlation experiments (COSY, etc) 

I. Relaxation 
  1. T1 and T2 in 1H, 13C, and other nuclei 
  2. The Nuclear Overhauser Effect (NOESY, ROESY experiments) 

J. Multinuclear NMR 
  1. The spin 1/2 nuclei 
  2. Quadrupolar nuclei, quadrupolar relaxation 
  3. Isotopic labeling, isotope shifts 
  4. Heteronuclear correlation (HETCOR, HMQC, etc) 

K. Dynamic NMR. Measurement of conformational and chemical exchange rates 
  1. Line broadening - variable temperature NMR spectra 
  2. The Forsen experiment - saturation transfer 
  3. Others (INADEQUATE, EXSY, etc) 

Web Educational (Courses) in NMR

Basics of NMR Physics and Technique of NMR Spectroscopy (Joseph P. Hornak, Rochester Institute of Technology)

Useful Texts

The textbooks listed below are not required, but you may find them useful, especially if you do not already have a general structure determination textbook (such as the Lambert or Silverstein books). There are extensive handouts which will cover most aspects of the course.

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